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The Osman Collection

The Osman Collection is named after Colin Osman, long-time Editor of Creative Camera and associate of Tom Hopkinson when he was editor of the South African journal, Drum. His collection of historic magazines, books, sound-recordings and photojournalism was acquired by the Tom Hopkinson Centre for Media Research to form the basis of its research archive.

Sir Tom Hopkinson himself later founded in 1970 the Cardiff Journalism School, which over 40 years later is now the University's School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. Sir Tom was a key figure in the development of democratic journalism and popular media and was knighted in 1977 for services to journalism.

The collection includes:

  • Journals
  • Videos
  • Microfilm

It also houses rare books and documents on the history of British photojournalism. The collection is an important component of JOMEC's research focus on popular visual journalism and democracy, and supports a variety of projects by both staff and PhD students.

The Osman collection can be accessed via the Bute Library.