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Paul Bowman publishes Beyond Bruce Lee

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Dr Paul Bowman has published a number of books in the past 6 months including Beyond Bruce Lee: Chasing the Dragon Through Film, Philosophy, and Popular Culture.

Beyond Bruce Lee is a follow-up to Dr Bowman’s 2010 bookTheorizing Bruce Lee and seeks to put the artist's work into intricate cultural and historical contexts. It explores the changing cultural status of Lee and his work in different time periods and locations, and how he can be best understood in terms of ‘cultural translation’ through his influence in areas such as ethnic politics and Hollywood film fight choreography.

Beyond Bruce Lee has received acclaim from academics from around the world since its release, and Dr Bowman’s expertise has been recognised as such that the family of Bruce Lee asked him to author the official biography The Treasures of Bruce Lee, which was completed this year.

Dr Bowman said, “It’s a privilege to write about Bruce Lee as his cultural significance grows greater and greater as time goes by.”

“His role and influence in ethnic politics and culture has had an impact upon several generations since his death and understanding that historical legacy is one of the thingsBeyond Bruce Lee set out to explore.”

In addition to Beyond Bruce Lee and The Treasures of Bruce Lee, this year Dr Bowman also completed another academic monograph, Reading Rey Chow - a study of the work of the influential cultural critic. He also edited the book Rancière and Film, his third collection focusing on the French philosopher.

Dr Bowman said, “I know it looks like I’ve published quite a lot this year, but you have to remember that I’ve been working on most of these projects for a long time and they all just came together at the same time.” He added that he is now setting to work on a completely new research project, provisionally entitled The Invention of Martial Arts. In preparation, he is working on a special issue of JOMEC Journal entitled ‘Martial Arts Studies’.

Dr Bowman is Director of Postgraduate Research at the School. He is also Director of the Race, Representation and Cultural Politics Research Group and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Film & Visual Culture Research, and serves as an editor for JOMEC Journal.

Endorsements of Beyond Bruce Lee:

"No one writing today has a keener eye for delineating the logics of contemporary cultural politics than Paul Bowman...whether you think you already know Bruce Lee or think you couldn’t care less about Bruce Lee – you still must read this book" - Samuel Chambers, John Hopkins University

"Beyond Bruce Lee provides nuanced, often brilliantly provocative readings of Bruce Lee as a cultural icon and event” - Jane Park, University of Sydney

"...this study also reminds us how exciting and transformative [Lee's] cultural emergence was and what a complex legacy he has left. Whether your interest is in Zizek or Jeet Kune Do, you’ll find something here that will make you think again about this major figure" - Leon Hunt, Brunel University

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