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JOMEC's New - International PhD Fees Scholarship

Tuesday, December 18, 2013

The school has launched a new fees scholarship for PhD students enrolling from September 2014.

Under the scheme one or more awards will be made annually to the most outstanding applicant(s), although eligibility is limited to those international students who do not manage to secure other sources of funding.

Director of Postgraduate Research Dr Paul Bowman said, “The scholarship will support those applicants for whom the cost of studying in the UK can be prohibitively high”.

The new scholarships will cover part or all of the cost of International PhD Fees.

Dr Paul Bowman added, “A friendly and diverse research cohort is essential to create the sort of environment which supports a student through several years of study.

“JOMEC is fortunate to have that sort of environment but we are constantly looking to introduce new global influences to allow our students to compare and contrast their work and experiences with international colleagues.”

Application Process
Applicants should follow the standard procedure by firstly applying for admission to the PhD Programme (after discussing this with the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies: see our advice for applicants).

If an offer of a place is made and if the applicant does not manage to secure sponsorship from another source of funding, they can request to be considered for the JOMEC International Fees Scholarship.

To be considered, applicants must notify the PhD Administrator of the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies before the end of July. They should only do this if they have been unable to secure other sources of funding to cover fees.


  • October-June: Application period for PhD Studentship (Applicants must apply for a September/October start)
  • July: Applicants must confirm their request to be considered for the JOMEC International Fees Scholarship
  • July-August: Decision-making period (The decision of the panel will be communicated to the successful applicant/s)
  • September/October: Start date (The successful applicant/s must commence their PhD studies)

Please note whilst places on the PhD programme may be deferred for up to twelve months, scholarship or award offers cannot be deferred and must be taken up at the first agreed start date. Should a successful applicant need to defer their period of study to a later start date, they will however be able to re-apply to be considered for an award.

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