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MA Dissertations

MA Dissertations Best Practice

Our taught Master’s programmes involve a period of study, followed by the preparation and submission of an independently researched dissertation.

Dissertations are an essential part of there Masters Programmes at JOMEC. The dissertation is a core element of the programme of study.

The MA and dissertation in particular provides the students with the opportunity to conduct their own original research. Typically 15,000 to 20,000 words in length, the dissertation represents a significant body of work.

Dissertation Examples

Listed below are selected dissertations which represent the breadth of study undertaken. These dissertations are listed with the authors consent and are intended to provide examples of best practice.

Bethany Crowe

MA Political Communication, 2006-2007

Climate Change in Britain's Print Press. Are the media raising or distorting awareness of climate change?

View full dissertation [211 KB]

Kyle Rooks

MA International Public Relations, 2005-2006

An Epidemic of Epidemics: A Case for Public Relations Role in Mitigating Health Scares.

View abstract or View full dissertation [324 KB]

Sarah Baker

MA Journalism Studies, 2005-2006

Celebrity Gossip Magazines and Feminist and Post-feminist Theory: The Impacts on Female Formation of Body Image Created by Celebrity Weight Depictions in Heat and Closer.

View abstract or View full dissertation [1.6 MB]

Nynke Douma

MA International Journalism, 2004-2005

White Noise: The issues surrounding the coverage of African conflicts on Dutch television.

View abstract or View full dissertation [725 KB]

Mireya Márquez Ramírez

MA Journalism Studies, 2004-2005

The Radio Journalist in Mexico: Notions and Attitudes to Professionalism.

View abstract or View full dissertation [349 KB]

Grete Krohn

MA International Public Relations, 2003-2004

Re-focusing A Volunteer Organization’s Brand Through Public Relations: A Case For Rotary International In Great Britain And Ireland.

View abstract or View full dissertation [454 KB]

Oliver Hawkins

MA Political Communications, 2005-2006

Squaring the Circle: Framing the European Public Sphere.

View abstract or View full dissertation [254 KB]

Estelle Thoreau

MA Journalism Studies, 2003-2004

Ouch!:An examination of the self representation of disabled people on a BBC website.

View abstract or View full dissertation [383 KB]