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Allyson Purcell-Davis

Position: PhD Research


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75688

Location: Room 1.24, Bute Building

PhD Research

How the Today programme represented the hybrid embryo debate in 2008

Allyson is investigating BBC Radio 4’s the Today programme and how it reported on the debates surrounding the hybrid embryo debate during the passage of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act in 2008. In particular, she will focus on the relationship between science and journalism; the representation of hybrid embryos as a reproductive technology; and the potential implications for the public understanding of science.

Supervisor: Professor Jenny Kitzinger

Research Interests

Public Sector Broadcasting and democracy; journalism and citizenship; feminism and science; reproductive technologies; public understanding of science; Foucault’s Panopticon, the writings of Susan Sontag and photography.


Allyson has spent most of her working career at the BBC World Service; but recently began lecturing on journalism, radio production, web design and photography at St. Mary’s University College in Twickenham. Whilst studying for a Masters degree, Allyson became interested in reproductive technologies and more specifically, the role and representation of women within these processes.