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University Graduate College: Enhancing the experience of Postgraduate Researchers

Interdisciplinary Research

Sustainable Places Research Institute 500x280
Members of our Sustainable Places Research Institute

We are committed to being a world-leading, research-led university where interdisciplinary themes facilitate research and teaching excellence.

Many research challenges today require interdisciplinary teams with strong foundations in discipline-based research capabilities. Most interdisciplinary activity is bottom-up and driven by the complexity of research challenges that require multiple disciplines working collectively to solve the problem. The benefits and necessity of interdisciplinary research is recognized by Government and supported by the UK Research Councils. Performing interdisciplinary research however requires talented leadership, startup time, sustained and open communication, appropriate rewards and incentives and above all willingness to collaborate and share ideas.

Research diagram
This diagram shows the breadth and depth of research at Cardiff

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Did you know?

In 2010, we gained over £15m on over 50 interdisciplinary grants.