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ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Centre

Cardiff University is the lead partner in the Economic and Social Research (ESRC) Wales Doctoral Training Centre. As an ESRC-accredited training centre, the Wales Doctoral Training Centre is awarding a number of research studentships to support doctoral research and training.

Each DTC has accredited pathways, onto which 4-year or 3-year studentships are awarded. Cardiff University's pathways are:

  • Economics
  • Empirical Studies in Law
  • Environmental Planning and Geography
  • Language Based Area Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Management and Business Studies
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences, including Criminology, Education, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, Social Policy, Social Work and Social Care.

At Cardiff University, the following ESRC studentships for an October 2015 entry are currently available:

School of Social Sciences

ESRC Wales DTP Studentships in Social Sciences (Open PhD Studentships)
This opportunity consists of 10 open studentships in Social Sciences and the School expects to make doctoral studentship awards in the areas of Criminology, Education, Science and Technology Studies, Social Policy, Social Work and Social Care and Sociology.

Equality in third sector organisations (PhD Studentship)
Potential topic areas include: the issues, progress and challenges of meso-level working drawn from ‘devolved’ policy fields – such as (but not limited to): health and social care, housing, and services for older people.

Fuel Poverty (1+3 or +3 PhD Studentship)
Project title: Fuel Poverty in Wales

This is one studentship, available as a +3 or 1+3 opportunity. A 1+3 studentship provides funding for four years, completing the MSc in Social Science Research Methods in the 1st year, followed by 3 years funding for a PhD. A +3 studentship provides funding for the three years only, and assumes that the applicant will already have had research training from an appropriate master’s degree.

Living well with Dementia (PhD Studentship)
Project title: Improving the experience of dementia and enhancing active life: living well with dementia - the IDEAL study

Literary Representations of Coal-Mining Communities (PhD Studentship)
Project title: The social significance of literary representations of coal-mining communities: A comparative study

Welsh Language and Higher Education Participation (PhD Studentship)
Project title: The relationship between the Welsh language and Higher Education participation.

Social Participation in mid-life (PhD Studentship)
Project title: The structured pathways and networks of social participation in mid-life.

School of English, Communication and Philosophy

PhD Language and Communication Research (PhD Studentship)
One studentship is available in the field of linguistics, to start October 2015.


Contact us using our contact form and indicate your interest in ESRC funding if you want to be kept up-to-date with any further studentships that are published under this scheme.

Emilie Crossley

"I have been fortunate in having secured ESRC funding for my Masters and subsequent PhD studies, which has allowed me to live very comfortably and to focus on studying rather than worrying about finances. My home school was very supportive throughout the funding application process, holding information sessions and workshops to deal with the paperwork."

Émilie Crossley
PhD Psychosocial Studies

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How to apply

For further information contact the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Centre,

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