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21st European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop

Locating Systemic Functional Linguistics in functional-cognitive space

Plenary Lecture to be given at 21st European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, Cardiff, 2009

Chris Butler


In recent years there has been considerable interest in the relationships between functional linguistics and other theoretical approaches to language. In particular, there have been attempts to map out the points of similarity and difference between functional and cognitive and/or constructionist approaches (Nuyts 2005, 2007; Butler and Gonzálvez-García 2005, Gonzálvez-García and Butler 2006). The result has been a proposal by Gonzálvez-García and Butler that these relationships are best seen in terms of a multi-dimensional ‘functional-cognitive space’ defined by the stance taken by a range of theories in relation to a number of key issues in the formulation of linguistic theories. The present lecture takes this work as a backdrop for a discussion of the place of Systemic Functional Linguistics within this multi-dimensional space. In particular, SFL, in  its two ‘dialects’ (Sydney and Cardiff) will be compared with the following:

  • two ‘structural-functional’ theories: Functional Discourse Grammar (Hengeveld and Mackenzie 2008) and Role and Reference Grammar (Van Valin 2005);
  • three ‘usage-based’ theories: the Emergent/Interactional Grammar of Hopper, Thompson, Bybee and others (see e.g. Hopper 1998, Barlow and Kemmer 2000, Bybee 2006, Fox and Thompson 2007, also the papers in Bybee and Hopper 2001),  the Cognitive Grammar of Langacker (1987, 1991a, 1991b, 1999) and the Cognitive Construction Grammar of Goldberg (1995, 2006).

One of the topics to be addressed will be the importance of the concept of choice in SFL, which is the theme of the 2009 conference.


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