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Downscaling Culture: Revisiting Intercultural Communication

International Conference to be held at Cardiff University
Date: 18-19 September 2014

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Conference aims

In this conference we would like to address culture and intercultural communication from a micro-perspective. Commonly the linguistic study of intercultural communication is concerned with analysing miscommunication between speakers from two or more different ‘cultures’, defined predominantly as large-scale nation and language communities. A downscaled notion of culture challenges this perspective of culture and encourages a fresh look at local cultures: subcultures, small groups, families, communities of practice; every group of persons who use common signs to create meaning-making ensembles of signs that relate to their life-world.

The papers in this conference will focus on such downscaled notions of culture, as well as revisit the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of intercultural communication studies. We contribute to deconstructing ‘culture’ and explore the distinctions between ‘cross-cultural’, ‘inter-cultural’, ‘intra-cultural’ and ‘trans-cultural’ communication.

We are pleased to introduce the following distinguished speakers:

Dr Shobha Satyanath, University of Delhi, India
Professor Srikant Sarangi, Aalborg University, Denmark
Dr Frances Rock & Amal Hallak, Cardiff University, UK
Dr Tereza Spilioti, Cardiff University, UK

A full programme can be viewed here.

Organising Committee

Jaspal Singh, Argyro Kantara, Dorottya Cserző