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2nd Conference of the UK-Cognitive Linguistics Association



New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics

Cognitive Linguistics, Applied

27-30 August 2007

Hosted at: Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

UK-Cognitive Linguistics Association logoThe UK-Cognitive Linguistics Association was inaugurated at the 2005 meeting, held at Sussex University, and we are thrilled to be quickly approaching our second Cognitive Linguistics conference on UK soil. The primary themes of this conference include a continuation of the New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics theme used for the first, very successful UK-CLA conference, together with a focus on Cognitive Linguistics, Applied (or more specifically, Applications of cognitive (linguistics) theories and methodologies). This second theme is very current and amplifies the importance of language research to not just describe language in use, but also to relate theory and practice to issues generated in contexts of use. As such, in addition to papers that address cognitive linguistics theory and/or offer new research that supplements our understanding of the cognitive processes involved in language use, we're also inviting papers that discuss research that applies cognitive theories and methodologies to specific language contexts (eg, classroom, law, etc).

We're thrilled with the line-up of plenary speakers who have committed themselves to this conference. They include internationally renowned professors from the UK, Lynne Cameron and the UK-CLA president, Chris Sinha; from mainland Europe, Arie Verhagen and the current International Cognitive Linguistics Association president, Klaus Panther; and from the USA, Eve Sweetser and Seana Coulson. Their areas of expertise include: Metaphor & Metonomy (Klaus Panther); Metaphor in Educational Discourse (Lynne Cameron); Discourse, Syntax, and Cognition (Arie Verhagen); Language, Cognition and Culture (Chris Sinha); Cultural Aspects of Semantic Structure, Mental Spaces, and Gesture (Eve Sweetser); and finally, ERP research and Conceptual Blending Theory (Seana Coulson).

Our conference shoulders two other UK Linguistics/Language Association conferences: the BAAL (British Assoc. of Applied Linguistics) annual conference to be held in Edinburgh (6-8 September 2007), and the LAGB (Linguistics Assoc. of Great Britain) annual conference to be held at Kings College London (29 August - 1 September 2007). Due to the overlap between our conference and the LAGB conference, we (together with the LAGB conference organisers) have put together a programme that can enable persons interested in both conferences to have some measure of participation in both.

Keynote Speakers

Call for Papers (Now Closed)

We invite scholars of diverse disciplines and languages to contribute to this conference. Papers dealing with any facet of cognitive linguistics research are welcome, including research on meaning, conceptual structure, conceptual operations, cognitive processing, grammar, acquisition, language use, discourse function, and other issues. We also encourage papers that relate to the secondary conference theme, "Cognitive Linguistics, Applied"; as well as the primary theme, "New Directions".

Call for Papers (Now Closed)



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New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics

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