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This page provides a listing of the contents of this website.

Home: an introduction to Scintilla.

Issues: full contents listings for all issues of Scintilla published to date:
       1 (1997)
       2 (1998)
       3 (1999)
       4 (2000)
       5 (2001)
       6 (2002)
       7 (2003)
       8 (2004)
       9 (2005)
       10 (2006)

Selections of articles and poems published in Scintilla.
       P. W. Thomas, ‘The Poisoned Grove’ (Issue 1, 1997)

Events: details of various Scintilla-related events:
       Scintilla Annual Poetry Competition
       Usk Valley Vaughan Association (UVVA) Colloquium

Contacts: information about ordering, back issues, and membership of the UVVA.

Links to other Vaughan-related websites.

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