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Dr John Freeman


Dr John Freeman Position: Tutor Email:
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 75613
Extension: 75613
Location: John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cathays, Cardiff

Research Group

English Literature

Research Interests

Dr Freeman's research interests are in the poetry of the last two centuries with particular emphasis on Shelley and on poetry from 1950 to the present.

Selected Publications


Snow Corridors. Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1975.
A Vase of Honesty. Great Works Editions, Bishops Stortford, 1976.
A Landscape Out of Focus. Galloping Dog Press, Swansea, 1978.
More than Oneself. Infernal Methods, Cambridge, 1979.
The Unseizable. Stone Lantern Press, Swansea, 1983.
Going Home. Rivelin Press, Bradford, 1984.
The Light Is Of Love, I Think: New and Selected Poems, Stride Publications, Exeter 1997.
Landscape with Portraits, Redbeck Press, Bradford, 1999.

Critical Essays

The Less Received: Neglected Modern Poets. Stride Publication Exeter, 2000.

Edited Books

Poetry in English Now. Blackweir Press, Cardiff, 1979.
Beats, Bohemians and Intellectuals. Essays by Jim Burns, edited with an introduction by John Freeman. Trent Editions, Nottingham, 2000.


Chapters in Books

Shelley's Early Letters. In Shelley Revalued: Essays from the Gregynog Conference, edited by Kelvin Everest. Leicester U.P., 1983.

Blood from the Stone: A Reading of "Lake Superior". In The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker, edited by Peter Dent, Interim Press, 1984.

"The Act of Being" and the Act of Reading: a poetry for a people in danger. In Not Comforts // But Vision: Essays on the Poetry of George Oppen, edited by Peter Dent. Interim Press, 1985.

Paradise and the Real: the poetry of Thomas A. Clark. In Candid Fields: Essays and reflections on the work of Thomas A. Clark. edited by Peter Dent. Interim Press, 1987.

Shelley's Ecology of Love. In Paradise of Exiles: Shelley and Byron in Pisa. Edited by M. Curreli and A.L. Johnson. Ets Editrice, Pisa, 1988.

Shelley e la Poesia Moderna. In Modernita dei Romantici, edited by L.M. Crisafulli Jones et al., Adriatica Editrice, 1990.

Romanticism as Vogue, in L'Esilio Romantico: Forme di un Conflitto edited by J Cheyne and L M Crisafulli Jones, Adriatica Editrice, Bari (1990) 325 338.

Shelley's Italian Epiphanies. In Romantic Discourses: Papers delivered at the Symposium on the Bicentenary of the Birth of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ahrenshoop, 1992.

Studien zur englishen Romantik, Band 7. Essen 1994, pp. 238 258. ISBN 13 89206 543 8.

La Poésie: Foyer de Valeurs. In Refléxion Théorique et Communication Esthethique edited by Marie Jeanne Ortemann. Université de Nantes, Nantes, 1994. pp 63-88. ISBN 2 86939 080 7.


Robert Creeley's Short Stories. The Cambridge Quarterly, Vol.2 No 4, 1967.

G.S. Haight's George Eliot. The Cambridge Quarterly, 4, 2, 1969.

George Eliot's Great Poetry. The Cambridge Quarterly, 5, 1, 1970.

The Fiction of Anthony Ward. The Cambridge Quarterly, 5, 3, 1971.

Jim Burns's Poems. The Cambridge Quarterly, 6, 3, 1975.

New Poetry and Where to Find It. Ibid.

Shelley Today. Essays in Criticism, November l975.

The Poetry of John James. Poetry Information, No 12/13, 1975.

Sympathy, Egoism, and George Eliot. The Cambridge Quarterly, 7, 1, 1976.

New Poetry, Ibid.

The Poetry of Gael Turnbull. Poetry Information, No 16, 1976.

James Wright. Ibid.

Some notes on Ed Dorn's Recollections of Gran Apacharia. Palantir, 5, 1977.

Review of The Little Magazines: A study of Six Editors by Ian Hamilton. The Anglo Welsh Review, 59, 1977.

Establishment and Underground in Modern Poetry. Root, 4, 1977.

New Poetry. The Cambridge Quarterly, 8, 3, 1979.

"That is, Today": the Poetry of John Riley. Palantir, 15, 1980.

Being and Becoming: the Poetry of Peter Riley and J.H. Prynne. Vanessa 7, 1981.

Review of Shelley's Poetic Thoughts by Richard Cronin, Keats Shelley Memorial Bulletin, 32, 1982.

The Poetry of Chris Torrance. Poetry Wales, 18, 4, 1983.

Shelley's Letters to his Father. Keats Shelley Memorial Bulletin, 34, 1984.

"Paradise of Exiles": The Shelley Byron Conference in Pisa. The Keats Shelley Review, 1, 1986.

The Situation of Poetry in Britain Now. Il Bagardo, Milan, 13, 1987.

A Living Mind: George Oppen. Poetry Wales, 25, 1, 1989.

Romantic Attachments. The Times Higher Education Supplement, 8.8.89.

Strawberry Hill. Strawberry Fare, Autumn 1989.

Review of Exploding English: Criticism, Theory, Culture, by Bernard Bergonzi. Verbal Arts Association Magazine, December 1990.

Sir Joseph Cheyne at the Keats Shelley Memorial House, 1977 1990. The Keats Shelley Review, 5, 1991.

The Rebirth of Nature and the Rebirth of Shelley. The Byron Journal, 1994, pp 50 62.

War, Class War, History and Narrative in the Poetry of Jim Burns. Poetry Wales, Volume 31 No. 3, January 1996, pp. 25 28. ISSN 0332 2202.

The Spirit of Poetry and the Importance of Joy: Shelley's Revolutionary Animism. In 1650 1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, No 2, 1996, New York, 275 294.

Review of Peter Reading: Collected Poems, Volume 1, Bloodaxe, 1995, in Tears in the Fence 17, 72 73, 1996.

Review of Jim Burns: Confessions of an Old Believer, Redbeck, 1996, in Tears in the Fence 19, 77 78, 1997.

Review of Anna Baldwin and Sarah Hutton (eds.): Platonism and the English Imagination, Cambridge, 1994, in The European Legacy, 2,7, 1997, 1287-1288.

Shelley and Commitment. Tears in the Fence 22, 71 83, 1999.

Review of Lee Harwood: Morning Light, Slow Dancer Press, London, 1998, in The New Welsh Review, 1999.

Review of Kim Taplin, The English Path, in Tears in the Fence 27, 2000, 82-85.

`A Validation of the Everyday’: Review of Tony Turner, Belief in Something Better, in Acumen Literary Journal, 47, 2003, 99-103.

`Why We Should Honour Jim Burns, and How I Came To’ in Global Tapestry Journal 28, 2005, 9-14.


Apart from the collections mentioned above under Books, John Freeman’s poems have appeared in a number of magazines, including the following:

Angel Exhaust, The Beau, Curtains, Fire, Great Works, Grosseteste Review, The Interpreter’s House, Joe DiMaggio, The Keats-Shelley Review, Kite, Lettera, Madog, Outrigger, New Welsh Review, The North, Oasis, Odyssey, Palantir, The Park, The Penniless Press, Perfect Bound, Poetry Review, Poetry Wales, Prop, Quattrocento, Remaarkable, Rockdrill, Root, Saturday Morning, Scintilla, Smith’s Knoll, Spokes, The Swansea Review, Tears in the Fence, Understanding, Vanessa, The Wide Skirt, The Wolly of Swot, The Yellow Crane.


John Freeman teaches courses on Romantic Poetry, Shelley, Twentieth-Century Poetry and Creative Writing. His research interests are in the poetry of the last two centuries with particular emphasis on Shelley and on poetry from 1950 to the present. He has lectured on literary topics and given poetry readings in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Lithuania. He has taught many creative writing courses and workshops outside the university including the Poetry Otherwise course at Emerson College, Sussex, in 2003 and 2004.