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Read about our current projects in the fields of training, skills, education, assessment and standards.

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A longitudinal study of the WCLT Fellowship Programme

We are evaluating the longer term impact of the Wales Clinical Leadership Fellowship programme on the careers of past Fellows.

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A scoping study for an extension of the EdSA for Named Clinical Supervisors in Wales

Building on our previous study of the Wales's Deanery's Educational Supervision Agreement we are scoping a similar agreement for Named Clinical Supervisors.

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Antimicrobial prescribing for Dentists

Addressing the inappropriate or inaccurate prescribing of antimicrobials in general dental practices in Wales.

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CPD learning needs

A study to inform the Wales Deanery’s Continuing Professional Education provision for General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) and to attract current non-attenders.

Developing Med Ed Credential Mindmap

Developing the medical education credential

In collaboration with AOME and the Wales Deanery we are contributing to the development of a credential in Medical Education.

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Educational Supervision Agreement Evaluation Project (EdSA)

An evaluation of the roll-out of the Wales Deanery Educational Supervision Agreement.

Evaluation of Broad-Based Training

An evaluation of the two year Broad-Based Training programme in England.

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Evaluation of moving to a Virtual ARCP system

With the Wales Deanery phasing in virtual ARCP for some trainees we are seeking to better understand resistance to a virtual ARCP system.

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Evaluation of new multi-professional collaborative programmes

An evaluation of a new Wales Deanery multi-professional collaboration that brings together practitioners from dentistry, general practice and pharmacy

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Evaluation of WCLT Fellowship 4th Cohort

An evaluation of the 2016-17 cohort of fellows’ perceptions of the Wales Clinical Leadership Fellowship programme.

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Healthcare Professions Educators: development of a consensus statement on shared values and areas of educational activity

This project aims to identify and affirm the essential values and principles that are shared by educators of healthcare professionals alongside recognising shared areas of educational activity.

Pharmacist and patient

Helping GP practice-based pharmacists to implement their improvement skills

A summary of our Health Foundation project looking at how communities of practice support practice-based pharmacists.

Stressed Surgeon

MedTRiM: An evaluation of a training programme to enhance doctors’ resilience

A formative evaluation of MedTRiM, a trauma risk management course for doctors.

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Quality Improvement Skills Training

An evaluation of the Quality Improvement Skills Training (QiST) in Wales

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Trainee perceptions of the value of clinical placements

A systematic review of trainee perceptions as to what makes a good clinical placement.

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Views on Cardiff University e-resources

Gathering views on the value and quality of the Cardiff University e-resources accessed by trainees.

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Previous Projects

Information on all our recent projects