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At Cardiff Unit for Research and Evaluation in Medical and Dental Education (CUREMeDE) we conduct multidisciplinary research and evaluation of the education and training of health professionals.

Established in 2009 as part of Cardiff University's School of Social Sciences, our work focuses on the educational impact of changes in areas such as:

  • foundation and specialist training
  • continuing professional development and lifelong learning
  • skill mix and extended duties
  • technology in the support of learning
  • workplace based learning and assessment
  • knowledge mobilisation
  • standards for healthcare educators

Understanding the links between research, education and healthcare, we consistently deliver on a wide variety of evaluation projects, often working to very tight timescales.

We also recognise the importance of dissemination and have a strong record of presenting our work in Wales, the UK, Europe and across the world with presentations made in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan.

We have a significant number of high-quality publications and outputs.

Our aims

  • To create networks of multidisciplinary collaboration and a forum for research discussion -  We have worked in conjunction with Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) and other health organisations across Wales, the UK and internationally since we began in 2009 and have developed a wide network of collaborators and contacts.
  • To ensure findings from research and evaluation transfer to practice - We recognise the importance of knowledge mobilisation. Formal dissemination is through meetings, conference presentations and publications.  As a centre we have also sought new ways of disseminating our findings to a wider audience including visualising findings in infographics and whiteboard videos.
  • To produce high quality outputs which contribute to enhancing the educational development of health professionals in Wales and beyond.
  • To support the next generation of research staff through student placements and project supervision.

Measuring success

  • securing research funding
  • completing collaborative research and evaluation projects
  • translating findings into practice and publications
  • providing development experiences for novice researchers