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Established in 2009 as a collaboration between the School of Social Sciences and the Wales Deanery, our purpose is to conduct multidisciplinary research and evaluation of the education and training of health professionals.

Our work focuses on the educational impact of changes in areas such as:

  • foundation and specialist training
  • continuing professional development and lifelong learning
  • skill mix and extended duties
  • technology in the support of learning
  • workplace based learning and assessment
  • knowledge mobilisation

Our aims

  • To create networks of multidisciplinary collaboration and a forum for research discussion.CUREMeDE is a way of linking people who are researching the education and training of health professionals. CUREMeDE networks can provide support for those preparing bids or working on research or evaluation projects.
  • To bid for and win external funding.CUREMeDE secures external funding for projects.  Some studies are undertaken as part of core-funding.
  • To ensure findings from research and evaluation transfer to practice.CUREMeDE recognises the importance of knowledge mobilisation. The Wales Deanery provides the link between the Unit and the day-to-day practice of postgraduate medical and dental education.   Formal dissemination is through meetings, conference presentations and publications.
  • The intention is to produce high quality outputs which contribute to enhancing the educational development of health professionals in Wales and beyond.

Measuring success

  • securing research funding
  • completing  collaborative research and evaluation projects
  • translating findings into practice and publications