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Disintegrated Development at the Rural Urban Fringe

Alister Scott, Professor of Environmental and Spatial Planning, Birmingham City University
Tuesday 11th December 2012 - 5:30pm
Committee Rooms 1&2, Glamorgan Building

Public lecture hosted by the Innovation & Engagement Unit

The spaces where countryside meets town are often amongst society's most valued and pressured places which collectively form the rural-urban fringe (RUF). 

A ‘messy’ yet opportunistic space in policy and decision-making processes, the RUF remains confused and ‘disintegrated’ lacking sufficient understanding and explicit attention for sustainable management as places in their own right. 

This lecture  exposes the scope, nature and reasons leading towards this policy disintegration using recent research funded by the Rural Economy and Land Use programme.

Using a series of narratives I seek to show how we might reposition the RUF as a new opportunity space for testing and experimentation that will enable more effective policy towards living with environmental change.