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Beyond Ticking Boxes? Making Design Decisions in Planning Within the Context of Localism

Richard Guise, Director of Urban Design Consultancy Context 4D
Tuesday 27th November 2012 - 5:30pm
Committee Rooms 1&2, Glamorgan Building

Hosted by the Innovation and Engagement Unit.

The design agenda for buildings and places is dauntingly long and wide-ranging. The definition of the clients and users of buildings and places is also more diffuse. Designers are more likely to disagree about what constitutes good design. Designers themselves range from ‘starchitects’ of iconic landmarks to the architectural designers of our everyday surroundings.

Within this milieu, how can planners and communities assess what is good and appropriate design? Are we using the same ‘language’ in the dialogue about what we want (or don’t want) in our local built environment?

Richard discusses ways in which the design process might become more transparent and the dialogue of design more creative.


Richard Guise is a chartered architect and planner with more than 38 years experience of practice and teaching in architecture, planning and urban design.  He is Director of the urban design consultancy, Context 4D, which he established in February 2004, following 13 years as course leader for the MA Urban Design programme at  the University of the West of England. He is Visiting Research Fellow at UWE, member of the Academy of Urbanism and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.