Visit by Beijing University of Technology

Professor WANG Shoufa, Chairman of the University Council of Beijing University of Technology visited Cardiff University and the School of Planning and Geography on 27th March 2013 with a delegation of staff from the University.

Discussions were held to explore collaboration in the following areas:

  • Exchange of students - they have good facilities for International Students and have a similar set of targets for inward and outward mobility to Cardiff
  • Exchange of staff
  • Joint Research – particularly in Engineering and Urban and City planning.
  • Joint programmes – BJUT have recently opened a school in Beijing (a kind of mini branch campus) with University College Dublin so are quite forward thinking on international collaboration and are, in the longer term, interested in exploring this area with Cardiff.


  • Professor WANG Shoufa, Chairman of the University Council of Beijing University of Technology
  • Professor LI Siping, Director of the President’s Office
  • Professor WU Wenying, Director of the International Office and Dean of College of International Education
  • Professor QIAO Junfei, Executive Dean of Graduate School
  • Professor SHI Zhaoyao, Director of the Department of Research
  • Professor LIU Zhongliang, Dean of Beijing-Dublin International College, BJUT

About Beijing University of Technology

Beijing University of Technology (also called Beijing Polytechnic University or Bei Gong Da) is recognized as one of the Project 211 universities. Project 211 is a central government initiative which provides investment into approximately 100 of China’s top universities in order to raise standards in teaching and research, provide doctoral training and increase internationalisation of the Chinese Higher Education system.

The University has established a multidisplinary academic structure, offering a variety of programmes and is involved in diversified research in the fields of Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Liberal Arts, and Law. The University was founded in 1960 with five engineering departments.