Completions in 2012/13

Yamen Nafeth Al Betawi

Title/Subject: Measuring Quality of Life in Cities: Developing a Parameter Model for Housing Domain in Jordan Cities
Supervisors: Dr Scott Orford / Dr Peter Mackie

Kathryn Erskine

Title/Subject: Finding a Place Through Liminal Travel: The Role of the Gap Year
Supervisors: Dr Jon Anderson / Dr Gillian Bristow

Emma Glendinning (nee Dean)

Title/Subject: Economic Globalisation, Ecological Localisation and the Agri-Food Sector
Supervisors: Dr Gareth Enticott / Dr Gillian Bristow

Liang He

Title/Subject: Creating Sustainable Food Chains in China
Supervisors: Professor Terry Marsden / Dr Li Yu

Michael Lennon

Title/Subject: Approaches to Bio-diversity in the Irish Planning System
Supervisors: Dr Richard Cowell / Dr Andrea Collins

Chinmoy Sarkar

Title/Subject: The Science of Healthy Cities: Deciphering the Associations Between Urban Morphometrics and Health Outcomes
Professor Chris Webster

Lee Westrope

Title/Subject: Do Peoples Preferences Change as They Learn About the Extent of Climate Change?
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Flynn / Dr Peter H. Feindt

Yang Xiao

Title/Subject: Urban Morphology and Housing Market
Supervisors: Professor Chris Webster / Dr Scott Orford