Completions in 2011/12

James Allan

Title/Subject: The Cardiff City Region: From Provincial to European Capital
Supervisors: Dr Gillian Bristow / Dr Philip Boland

Hiroshi Hamasaki

Title/Subject: Energy and Environment
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Flynn

Ioannis Pierrakis

Title/Subject: Innovation Regional Policy
Supervisors: Dr Gillian Bristow / Professor Kevin Morgan

Mohie Shalaby

Title/Subject: Realities of the Sustainable Planning Process of Egyptian Industrial Zones: The Case of the Industrial Park
Supervisors: Dr Huw Thomas / Dr Andrew Flynn

Jie Shen

Title/Subject: Urban Special Reconstruction and Residents Daily Activity Behaviour: Interaction Process Outcomes and Significance in Transforming Urban China
Supervisors: Professor Fulong Wu / Dr Yiming Wang

Alastair M. Smith

Title/Subject: Fair Trade Governance, Public Procurement and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Malawian Rice in Scotland
Supervisors: Dr Roberta Sonnino / Dr Adrian Morley