Completions in 2009/10

Odutimirola Adefuye

Title/Subject: Implementation Failure in Waste Management in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Lagos State
Supervisors: Dr. Andrew Flynn / Ms. Alison Brown

Crispin Cooper

Title/Subject: Agent-based Modelling of Urban Growth and Policy Making Decisions
Supervisors: Professor Chris Webster / Professor Chris Jones (COMSC)

Zhaohua Deng

Title/Subject: Making it Possible - Raising Design Quality Under the Fast Developing Pressure - Evidence From Guangzhou
Supervisors: Professor John Punter / Mr. Mike Biddulph

Nadir Kinossian

Title/Subject: Constructing the Image of a Competitive City
Supervisors: Dr. Gillian Bristow / Professor John Lovering

Christine Mady 

Title/Subject: The Dynamics of Public Space Utilisation and Provision: The Beirut Perspective
Supervisors: Dr. Scott Orford / Professor Chris Webster

Madeleine Pill  

Title/Subject: How Neighbourhood Governance Entities are Located within Broader Networks of Governance: a Cross-National Comparison
Supervisors: Dr. Gillian Bristow / Dr. Tom Entwistle (CARBS)

Laura Smith  

Title/Subject: Landscape and Landfate: The Changing Discourse of Environmental Restoration
Supervisors: Professor Paul Milbourne / Dr. Richard Cowell