STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers who offer their time, enthusiasm and experiences to encourage a wide range of audiences to achieve more and progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

They are an important, exciting, free-of-charge resource for teachers, bringing a new and inspiring perspective to STEM lessons and career opportunities.

What's involved

The Ambassadors are able to enhance and enrich the teaching and learning of STEM subjects by sharing their own interest, skills and experience in STEM. They commit to running at least one activity each year which involves school pupils, family groups, community groups or the general public. Opportunities can come from their own contacts, employer or through local requests offered by the STEM Ambassador Hub.

Who are STEM Ambassadors?

STEM Ambassadors come from a wide range of backgrounds. Anyone over the age of 17 years with a background in STEM or a passion to communicate STEM is eligible to join the programme.


The benefits of becoming a STEM Ambassador include CV enhancement, continuous professional development, improving confidence and communication skills and the personal satisfaction of providing a significant impact on the future generation.

Become a STEM Ambassador

A large number of our members are Ambassadors helping to inspire the next generation of young people to pursue STEM subjects and careers.

Signing up to the nationwide STEM Ambassador programme is a great way to receive regular news about schools and community engagement opportunities in the local area. It is completely free to join and you are simply asked to participate in one activity per year.