Our interdisciplinary network of academic institutions and industry promotes knowledge sharing between scientists, academics, clinicians and industry experts.

Our members include over 300 researchers and academic staff, across 10 academic schools in the University.

Member benefits include:

  • clinical and research networking
  • attendance to seminars and workshops
  • regular updates on activities and research programmes
  • administrative support
  • opportunities to fund postgraduate studentships.

Join our network

If you are on a fixed term contract please indicate the end date. If you are a PhD or MSc student, or a Postdoctoral or Research fellow, please indicate start and end dates.
Please include your research interests and relevant qualifications.
Why would being a member of CITER be useful to you? Examples include: seeking collaborator, funding opportunities etc.
Welsh language Are you a fluent Welsh speaker?
Contact details
URL for your University profile
Twitter handle, LinkedIn URL etc
To become a member you will need a proposer and a seconder who are existing CITER members.
Public engagement * Would you be willing to participate in public engagement events and activities (e.g. Science of Me, Techniquest and local primary school visits). *PhD students are expected to volunteer for public engagement activities.
Please include any equipment and expertise that could be of interest to CITER members.
Please include any contacts or existing collaborative links that could be of interest to CITER members.