Microscope and slides

The link between HPV and skin cancer

21 June 2017

Collaborative research project sheds new light on the relationship between the Human Papillomavirus and skin cancer.

Dr Matt Smalley

Pint of Science

16 May 2017

Dr Matt Smalley presents his latest research to the general public.

Lyndon Wood and wife participate in research

Focusing on link between diet and cancer

12 May 2017

Welsh entrepreneur funds Cardiff University cancer prevention project

Dr Lee Parry in tissue culture lab

Cancer prognosis and the TEX19 gene

9 May 2017

The TEX19 gene could be used to help identify cancer at an earlier stage.


Investigating the potential of daffodils

30 April 2017

Could a chemical extracted from daffodils offer potential new treatments for brain cancer?

Close up of Microscope and slides

Innovative brain cancer research

6 April 2017

Cardiff University and national charities join forces to tackle deadly brain cancer

Hadyn Ellis Buidling

Research Symposium 2017

30 March 2017

Registration opens for 5th annual symposium on cancer stem cell research.

pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer - the 'silent killer'

16 March 2017

Pancreatic cancer wouldn’t be so deadly if we could just diagnose it earlier.

Noha Mohamed

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

3 March 2017

For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month we talk to PhD student Noha-Ehssan Mohamed about her work on Ovarian Cancer.

Image of a fly midgut

Predicting stem cell behaviour

16 February 2017

New research combining experiments with mathematical modelling, can help predict the behaviour of stem cells.