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The Violence Research Group is focused on translating knowledge and skills into practical applications to help us all work towards a healthier and safer community.

With collaboration at the very heart of many of our projects, we look to the wider community to assist us in and be able to access the research we are involved with.

Our online Violence Research Group community provides a platform for people around the world to collaborate and share violence research knowledge. We welcome anyone interested to join our community and make use of the resources and expertise within.

Current positions

We are keen for anyone interested in the following projects to contact us.

Alcohol Misuse: Electronic Longitudinal Alcohol Study in Communities (ELAStiC)We are looking to recruit Steering Committee members who can help advise, troubleshoot and input their direct experience into the project, as well as communicate findings to interested parties.
Crowds and Violence: Integrated Modular Response System (IMRS)We are looking for police officers and people involved with surveillance or night time events management, to help inform the development of surveillance systems to spot and prevent trouble on our streets.
Have a WordWe are looking for health professionals interested in developing skills with carrying out short psychological treatments, or brief interventions, on patients admitted to A&E with alcohol related injuries.
National Violence Surveillance NetworkWe are looking for parties who can help facilitate anonymous data sharing partnerships with hospitals, concerning violence-related injuries.
An Evaluation of Alcohol Treatment CentresWe are looking for local and national parties who are interested in the service delivery, impact and cost efficiency of alcohol treatment centres.