Research Master's degrees

Research Master’s degrees include the MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and the MRes (Master of Research).

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The research and study experience is similar to a PhD, including support from a supervisory team, but the project is more tightly defined to allow it to be undertaken in a shorter time-scale, and the outcomes may represent an original contribution to the field or provide a critical evaluation and analysis of a body of knowledge.

MPhil degrees are offered by Academic Schools and specific opportunities can be browsed via our Course Finder.

Key facts

Full-time1 - 2 yearsup to 50,000 words
Part-timeUp to 3 years up to 50,000 words 

Master of Research (MRes)

The MRes degree combines a structured programme of directed research exploration and skills training with a substantial component of individual research, which may be in the form of a single or multiple project(s).

It provides sound practical knowledge and experience in preparation for a research career and can serve as a valuable foundation for progressing to a PhD.

We offer Master of Research degrees in:

Key facts

Full-time1 yearup to 20,000 words
Part-timeN/Aup to 20,000 words 

Master of Science (MSc) in Research Methods

The MSc in Research Methods is classified as a postgraduate taught programme because of the balance between taught components and the individual research project.

It provides you with a solid foundation for a PhD in a broad range of social science subjects while in some subjects it is a pre-requisite for undertaking PhD study.

We offer one MSc in Research Methods:

Key facts

Full-time1 year up to 20,000 words
Part-time2 years up to 20,000 words