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School of Mathematics

We offer a welcoming and dynamic postgraduate environment, which our students find exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Mathematics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Applied Mathematics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Operational Research PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Probability and Statistics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Pure Mathematics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Adaptive modelling and optimisation of hyperelastic cellular structures
Algorithms for one-dimensional bin packing problems with ordering implications
Calcium and mechanics in embryogenesis: continuum and cell-based models
Calcium signalling in in-vitro fertilization
Categorification of generalised braids
Combining game theory and the weak noise limit to understand spatio-temporal ecological models of animal movements.
Connectivity of group C*-algebras
Coordinated movement of random fish schooling
Design of experiments in regression models with correlated observations
Design of experiments in regression models with correlated observations
Development of a platform for healthcare operations management underpinning strategic, tactical and operational decisions
Dynamics of bubbles rising in viscoelastic fluids
Early detection of tsunami by acoustic-gravity waves
Game Theory
Half-sided modular inclusions and relative commutants
Hawkes processes and financial applications
Healthcare Modelling
Higher order analysis and bifurcation theory
Holomorphic Representations of the Braid Group
Homogenisation of periodic problems in linear PDEs and non-linear elasticity
In silico modelling of parasite dynamics
Integer Optimisation
Interface evolution in random environment
Least Squares PGD Mimetic Spectral Element Methods for Systems of First-Order PDEs
Lie groups and twisted K-theory
Low rank approximations of matrices with a focus on statistical applications
Machine learning and data mining
Machine Learning for Dimension Reduction in High‐Dimensional Datasets
Machine Learning: ‘Data Mining’
Mathematical analysis - Dynamical systems and spectral theory
Mathematical methods for scale-bridging: From interacting particle systems to differential equations
Metaheuristic Methods for Probabilistic Graphical Models
Micro- and nano-scale statistical properties of rough engineering surfaces and their tribological properties
Modelling of sporting events using artificial intelligence and statistical methods for big data
Nonlinear acoustic-gravity wave theory
Nonlinear acoustic-gravity wave theory
Number theory; on multi-dimensional sequences of convergents
On multi-dimensional continued fractions
Operator algebras
Operator Algebras and Noncommutative Geometry
Operator Algebras and Noncommutative Geometry
Optimal tidal power generation
Optimisation of placement of charging stations for electrical vehicles in road networks
Optimisation of Placement of Charging Stations for Electrical Vehicles in Road Networks
Persistent sheaf cohomology
Problems in microlocal analysis with an emphasis on spectral asymptotics and scattering theory
Proper general decomposition for convection-diffusion equations
Quantum Field Theory and Operator Algebras
Radiation of acoustic-gravity waves by an impacting object
Remote control of gas-liquid flow in horizontal pipelines
Robust analysis of multivariate extreme events
Sparsity and structures in large-scale machine learning problems
Spectral approximation
Spectral approximation on metric graphs, on manifolds, and for systems of differential equations
Spectral element mimetic least squares PGD method
Spectral Theory of Differential Operators
Stability of fluid flows over deformed and moving surfaces
Stability of fluid flows over deformed and moving surfaces
Statistical Inference for Entropy, Divergences and Renyl Information
The influence of compressibility on the dynamics of encapsulated microbubbles
The Influence of Compressibility on the Dynamics of Encapsulated Microbubbles
Vertex algebras and generalisations of Lie theory