School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Internationally recognised research work enhances the student experience by having leading earth scientists from a variety of disciplines.

Earth Sciences PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
A critical assessment of fault growth models using Machine Learning tools
Constraining Models of Mantle Dynamics using ‘Starter pistol’ of Uranium isotopes
Constraining the petrogenesis and timing of the youngest magmatic events in the British Palaeogene Igneous Province
Continental weathering and secular evolution of redox-sensitive isotope systematics
Devonian tropical plant assemblages from Arctic Svalbard
How do magma reservoirs evolve during caldera cycles?
Imaging the lithosphere of the British Isles using Virtual Deep Seismic Sounding
Land surface dynamics of global dust emission schemes to improve climate change projections
Looking for plastic biodegraders in submarine hydrothermal ecosystems
Microbial survival and activity in bentonite clay: relevance to the safety case for geological disposal of radioactive waste
Olivine, magma and fluids: exploring the origin(s) of platinum-group element mineralization in the Main Zone of northern Bushveld Complex of South Africa
Provenance of Southern Cape Rivers: Links to Hydroclimate and Early Humans
Rocky coast geomorphology: the key to unlocking our archaeological heritage
Smart monitoring of catchment water quality
Squeeze and mingle: understanding the role of deformation-driven melt transport in mid-ocean ridge magma chambers (Bay of Islands ophiolite, Newfoundland, Canada)
Structural controls on gold mineralization in the Palaeoproterozoic Mako Volcanic Belt, Senegal
The titanium isotope composition of seawater: a new oceanographic tracer?
The true heterogeneity of the depleted mantle revealed by crystal-scale analyses in the lower oceanic crust
Weathering of volcanic products in the tropical environment of the Panama Canal area


Award Deadline
NERC GW4 Doctoral Training Partnership PhD projects in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences 7 January 2019