School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Internationally recognised research work enhances the student experience by having leading earth scientists from a variety of disciplines.

Earth Sciences PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
A template for the structural interpretation of heterogeneous subsurface units using advanced seismic attributes
Assessing the potential of the marine bivalve Glycymeris glycymeris for providing novel geochemical baseline records from the Northeast Atlantic region
Atmospheric CO2 variability during the Plio-Pleistocene
Bacterial endospores – shuttles to and from the deep biosphere?
Carbon negative electricity generation through mineral reactions
Characterisation of volcanic emergence of the Panama Isthmus
Climatic controls on landscape evolution
Constraining mantle dynamics with geochemical observations
Constraining the petrogenesis and timing of the late magmatic events in the British Palaeogene Igneous Province
Developing frameworks for calibrating hydrological models using satellite gravity and altimetry data
Differentiating taphonomic from evolutionary effects in early Palaeozoic carbonate systems
Formation of the world-class copper deposit at Mount Isa, Australia
From watershed to reef: Reconstructing the history of land use change and coral reef health in Fiji
How did Earth’s earliest continents form? Novel isotopic window into the formation of the Pilbara and Yilgarn cratons (Western Australia)
Isotopic heterogeneity of the oceanic upper mantle: the crystal record
Last gasp: Understanding the death of a truly ancient landscape in Lesotho, southern Africa
New constraints on CO2 using the boron isotope proxy
Quantifying the role of superficial geology in controlling groundwater recharge in drylands and its sensitivity to environmental change
Rocky coast geomorphology: the key to unlocking our archaeological heritage
Smart monitoring of catchment water quality
Source or sink? Seismic observations of mass and water transport to and from the mantle transition zone
Structural controls on gold mineralization in the Palaeoproterozoic Mako Volcanic Belt, Senegal
Surface meets deep: Hydrothermal alteration of the oceanic crust
Understanding post-earthquake landslide hazard mechanisms, Kaikoura, New Zealand


Award Deadline
NERC GW4 Doctoral Training Partnership PhD projects in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences 7 January 2018
PhD in Earth and Ocean Science: Detection of forest water stress due to climate change in drought-prone regions of the Southwestern USA 7 January 2018
PhD in Earth and Ocean Sciences: New insights into Earth’s Greenhouse-Icehouse Transition 21 January 2018