School of Physics and Astronomy

Studying with us offers you the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of the way the universe works.

Physics and Astronomy PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Astronomy and Astrophysics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Astronomy Instrumentation PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Condensed Matter and Photonics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Gravitational Physics PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time
Advanced numerical methods for solving the forward problem in EEG
Assessing the health of ageing blood vessels in the brain using fMRI: experimental design, modelling and analysis
Controlled coherent coupling of single quantum dots in photonic crystal cavity networks
Data mining at the South Galactic Pole
Detecting and tracking Near-Earth Objects
Development of metamaterial lenslet arrays for Cosmic Microwave Background experiments
Development of metamaterials components for Cosmic Microwave Background experiments
Electrical conductivity modelling in electro/magnetoencephalography (E/MEG)
Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems
Exciton-phonon-photon dynamics and coherent coupling of quantum dots embedded in photonic cavities
Exploring the cool Universe with Point Process Mapping
Extracting weak Gravitional Wave events
FMRI signal models and computational simulations for assessing the health of ageing blood vessels in the brain
InSb Quantum Electronics
Machine learning to extract gravitatonal wave transients
Machine learning to maximise the impact of ALMA
Magnetic nanostructures for low cost, low energy data storage and sensor applications
Majorana Fermions
Nanostructured Compound Semiconductor Solar Cells
Numerical simulations of black-hole binaries
Perovskite Photonics
Physics of Manufacturing 100Gb/s laser technology
Quantum coherence and carrier dynamics in colloidal nanostructures from dots to 1D and 2D materials
Quantum dot lasers as sources for optoelectronic integration on Silicon
Resonant state expansion for optical biosensing, fibre optics and mode control in microlasers
Revealing Astronomical and Archaeological Information from Satellite Imaging Data (AA - Reveal)
Searching for Cosmic Anomalies
Simulating star formation triggered by cloud/cloud collisions
The origin of galaxies and proto-clusters
Topologically protected domain walls in cylindrical magnetic nanowires
Topologically protected plasmon in two-dimensional electron gas
Tunable THz laser source
Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers for miniature atomic clocks