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Structural Biophysics

Structural Biophysics is a research area in which you can focus your studies within our PhD programme in Vision Sciences.

Distinctive features

  • International centre of excellence for structural and biophysical studies of the cornea and lens and their components, including collagen and fibrillin.
  • Responsible for a number of discoveries that have had an impact in both the scientific and the lay communities, receiving press and TV coverage.
  • Supported by grants from the MRC, EPSRC, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, Royal Society and several other industrial and charitable sources.


Administrative contact(s)

Tony Redmond

Research themes

  • Understanding corneal transparency and the structural causes of its loss
  • The role of proteoglycans in the development of corneal transparency
  • The ultrastructure of the cornea and limbus in relation to corneal shape and function
  • Collagen and fibrillin in ocular tissues
  • Structure function relationships in zonular filaments
  • Extraocular muscles
  • Ultrastructural changes in pathological corneas
  • Ageing and glycation in ocular tissues
  • Structure, transparency and ageing of the lens
  • Wound healing following ocular surgery

Programme information

For programme structure, entry requirements and how to apply, visit the Vision Sciences programme.

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