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PhD in Chemistry: Heterogeneous catalysis

A number of PhD studentships are available in the field of sustainable and green chemistry based on new catalytic approaches to chemical synthesis and environmental science.

31 August 2019

EPSRC CDT in Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing

This PhD degree programme is part of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing.

30 June 2019

PhD in Psychology: Mapping subicular mnemonic circuitry

This project will reveal not only how subicular neurons encode space during learning but also how it participates at the systems level in memory formation.

30 June 2019

KESS2 MPhil in Social and Biological Sciences: Beewell Caerphilly

This project will evaluate the well being of NHS staff following exposure to a wild flower meadow.

1 September 2019

EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership PhD in Physics and Astronomy

The EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership is up to 37 studentships which will be 3.5 years (four years for CASE awards) full time or up to seven years part-time.

30 June 2019

PhD in Engineering: Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration in Unstructured Environments

Intuitive interaction is an important aspect of human-robot collaboration.

2 July 2019

PhD in Engineering: Quantitative evaluation of creativity using computational semantics

Creativity is regarded as one of the most desirable qualities; it involves divergent and convergent thinking.

2 July 2019

PhD in Medicinal Chemistry: How to develop therapies for prion diseases

This research project will be funded through a Scholarship which will be delivered jointly by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and Cardiff University.

23 June 2019

PhD in Engineering: Voltage uprating for more-electric and hybrid aircraft

This research project proposes to quantify the effect of atmospheric conditions on the partial discharge thresholds on the more and all-electric aircraft.

31 August 2019

EPSRC iCase PhD in Physics: A Manufacturing Process Simulator for VCSELs

This project will be in collaboration with IQE, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductor wafer products.

30 June 2019