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EPSRC NPIF PhD in Chemistry

We are offering three fully-funded 4-year PhD EPSRC NPIF studentships for the 2018-19 academic year.

31 August 2018

PhD in Computational Chemistry: Computer-aided design of transition metal phosphide materials for photovoltaic and photocatalytic applications

A PhD studentship is available in the School of Chemistry to work with Dr Nelson Dzade in the area first-principles modelling of transition metal phosphide materials for electronics, photocatalytic and solar energy conversion applications.

31 August 2018

PhD in Chemistry: Heterogeneous Catalysis

This is a PhD position focused on the development of heterogeneous catalytic processes.

30 September 2018

EPSRC CASE Doctoral Training Partnership PhD in Chemistry

Over the next two intake years, 2018/19 and 2019/20, the DTP will offer up to 78 PhD fully-funded studentships, including 6 CASE Awards.

31 August 2018

KESS2 MPhil in Chemistry: Intensification of Multiphase Processes

An MPhil opportunity to explore the development of protocols for simple and rapid syntheses using counter current mixing.

31 August 2018

PhD in Engineering: Optimisation for novel structural-material configuration

This PhD project will develop a numerical optimisation method for novel design of structures and/or materials.

30 September 2018

PhD in Engineering: Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration in Unstructured Environments

Intuitive interaction is an important aspect of human-robot collaboration.

2 July 2019

PhD in Engineering: Quantitative evaluation of creativity using computational semantics

Creativity is regarded as one of the most desirable qualities; it involves divergent and convergent thinking.

2 July 2019

PhD in Chemistry: Electron microscopy study of novel amorphous material catalysts

This project aims to develop and apply advanced electron microscopy techniques to study novel heterogenous catalysts.

31 August 2018

PhD in Engineering: Improved motion-correction for MRI with markerless face-tracking

This project will involve developing methods to use this technology to maximise the image quality for different types of MR imaging and different motion regimes.

21 December 2018