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Interdisciplinary activities

In line with University guidance, all Doctoral Academy face-to-face training and events are currently postponed. We are exploring the possibility of creating online alternatives to our workshops, and will keep all postgraduate researchers updated via email. Follow us on Twitter @CardiffDA to keep up to date with the latest news and developments.

As a postgraduate researcher, you will have opportunities to become involved in the wider research community through training, community events and student led activities.

We host hundreds of workshops, conferences and networking events across the year to help you progress your project and develop your career.

This provides opportunities for our researchers to build their research networks, appreciate alternative approaches and find commonalities with researchers outside their immediate research area.

I have made friendships with people I cherish that I would have never encountered had it not been for the common ground of hands-on workshops, inspiring seminars and interdisciplinary conferences.

Adelle, School of History, Archaeology and Religion

Funding for interdisciplinary activities

As interdisciplinarity is such an important part of researcher development, we run a specific funding scheme to support student-led interdisciplinary activities. The funding can be used to support:

  • themed forums
  • reading groups
  • seminar series
  • workshops
  • networking meetings
  • conferences
  • short visits by scholars to Cardiff.

Our key events

Starting Out: Induction

Our induction events are a great opportunity for newly-enrolled research students to connect with other new students and develop important networks. These events provide an introduction to research, including rights and responsibilities, the facilities and services offered by the Doctoral Academy and other University services, and presentations by existing students on starting and enjoying your research programme.

Re-orientation events are also open to students entering the second or final year of their doctoral studies, to help reflect on development needs and find out about the opportunities, services and support most appropriate at each stage.

Student conferences

Professor Derek Jones at the Speaking of Science Conference
Professor Derek Jones, Director of CUBRIC, inspiring students at our Speaking of Science conference.

Student conferences, such as Speaking of Science and Breaking Boundaries, provide opportunities for postgraduate research students in different disciplines to present their work to each other, share and develop their research interests and establish mutually beneficial interdisciplinary links.

Joining a conference committee will enable you to develop transferable skills that can be applied in a wide variety of future career paths. In addition, the skills developed will be useful for organising other events such as school-based seminars, regional conferences or cross-disciplinary events under a particular theme.

There are also a range of more discipline-specific student conferences which run throughout the year.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a research communication competition developed by the University of Queensland.

We encourage all of our postgraduate research students to challenge themselves and take part. By participating in the event, you will develop your academic, presentation and research communication skills in a supportive environment, including the ability to effectively explain your research in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

Watch videos of previous Three Minute Thesis entrants on our YouTube channel.

Images of Research competition

This competition offers our researchers a chance to share their amazing work. Each year, researchers from across the University are invited to submit an image and a 150-word description which encapsulates their research. After an initial screening, over 40 images are chosen for the exhibition.

The exhibition offers an opportunity to view the images, speak to fellow researchers and learn more about the fascinating projects being undertaken at the University. Cash prizes are awarded for the best images, including a 'People’s Choice' award.

There is a review of our 2019 competition and Research Images exhibition on our Doctoral Academy blog.