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Example of a sol-fa hymn score.

Hymn books and pamphlets from a wide range of denominations and church groups.

The collection comprises substantial volumes of hymns selected and published for use by specific Christian denominations, including Church of England/Church in Wales, Calvinistic Methodist, Baptist, Independent, Presbyterian, Unitarian and Brethren. It also includes numerous small pamphlets of hymns created for individual church congregations or church-related groups (e.g. Sunday schools, temperance unions, Band of Hope), for use at specific Christian festivals (e.g. Easter, Christmas, Harvest), or for Cymanfa Ganu and other singing festivals, revival meetings and evangelistic outreach. Welsh, English and other hymns are covered, plus volumes covering a wider field, such as, European Psalmist by Wesley.

The hymns of William Williams, Pantycelyn are held in numerous editions, as are the hymns of Isaac Watts in both Welsh and English translations. There are also Welsh translations of the works of American revivalists R. A. Torrey and Charles M. Alexander and of the gospel songs of Ira David Sankey. The collection was deposited by Cardiff Public Library with the University in the 1980s.

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