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Salisbury Library

Personal library of Welsh studies books, once owned by Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury (1819-1890).

Shelf detail of the Salisbury library folios.

Personal library of Welsh studies books, once owned by Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury (1819-1890).

A native of Flintshire, Salisbury was a businessman who was briefly Member of Parliament for Chester. A keen bibliophile, he accumulated a collection of about 13,000 books in Welsh, or related to Wales and the Border Counties, and compiled valuable scrapbooks of maps and prints. In 1886, Salisbury was forced to sell his collection, due to financial difficulties.

Thanks to the negotiations led by Professor Thomas Powel and the University Registrar, Ivor James, Salisbury’s books were acquired by the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire. That institution would become Cardiff University, and Salisbury’s books would form the nucleus of the University Library.

Since that date, many Welsh and Celtic books have been added to the collection, including rare books and periodical collections, and a collection of Welsh broadside ballads from the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, the Salisbury Library is one of the major collections of its kind, with information covering historical, literary, religious, social, and linguistics studies. It includes many sub-collections, such as Welsh ballads, almanacs, Bibles, hymnology, and the Richard Baxter collection.

See also, Enoch Salisbury's archive of personal papers and Welsh prints and engravings.

About this collection

Collection type: Print

Dates: Pre 1600, 17 century, 18 century, 19 century

Size: c. 60,000 printed items (including c. 30,000 pre-1900 books), plus 10,000 archival items, and 10,000 maps.

Formats: Books

Subjects: Religion, Politics, Economics and business, Literature and journalism, Art and music, Travel, History, Society and law

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