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University College Cardiff, and later Cardiff University student publications and newspapers

Detail from the cover of Cap and Gown.

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Magazines and newspapers produced by students of Cardiff University and its previous incarnations. Includes:

  • University College magazine, 1885-87
  • Magazine of the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, 1888-1903
  • Cap and Gown, 1903-1966
  • Pen and Pencil, 1934
  • The Wail, 1926-1965
  • Broadsheet, 1946-1971
  • Hard Times, 1974-1976
  • Snout, 1970s
  • Cardiff Link, 1977-78
  • Gair Rhydd, 1972-current.

Other publications are included from the Students’ Union Society; various students’ societies; and the Association of Past Students, 1920-66.

Official records relating to Cardiff University and its predecessors are held in Institutional Archives. Among these is held the students’ magazine of the Medical College, The Leech.

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