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Image of police tape

Serious violence figures for 2018

12 April 2019

Despite recent spate of knife crime, UK sees decline in serious violence

A Longitudinal Study of European Students' Alcohol Use and Related Behaviors as They Travel Abroad to Study

6 March 2019

Studying abroad exposes European students to alcohol-related health risks.

Using laptop and phone

Research sparks calls for tougher enforcement on social media companies

5 March 2019

Evidence from academic report contributes to findings of inquiry

AI robot

Cardiff joins AI Doctoral Training Centre

21 February 2019

University partners Swansea

Wasted: The impact of Alcohol & Violence on the NHS

Wasted: The impact of Alcohol and Violence on the NHS

11 February 2019

New research has found that consuming any more than just one unit a day may have adverse cognitive effects for some.

Crime & Security Research News

11 February 2019

Our latest newsletter including an interview with Bellingcat, a study into AI robots developing prejudice and the Cardiff Model being adopted in the US to tackle the opioid Crisis

Neil Basu

New CSRI Video Featuring Neil Basu, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner

5 February 2019

New video from the CSRI featuring Neil Basu, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner

Jonathan Shepherd

US adopts UK anti-violence system

16 November 2018

Federal backing for ‘Cardiff Model’

Worldwide connections

From Minutes to Months

24 October 2018

Leading counter-terrorism experts offer new communications guidance for authorities to better manage the impacts of terror attacks.