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Power Electronic Lab

Provides for modern practical experimentation and computer aided design (CAD).

It has computer based stations built around Agilent test equipment, AMD processors and LG Electronic monitors. The Agilent test equipment comprises an Arbitrary Signal Generator, an Oscilloscope, a Digital Multimeter and a Power Supply.


Name Make/Model Details
Full power converter test rig LD Didactic This is a motor-generator unit with required power electronic circuitry to mimic a full power converter wind turbine. The system includes a digital signal processor to implement control algorithms and a higher level controller based on dSPACE to interface with the user.
Grid Simulator Amplifier Spitzenberger & Spies PAS 1000 amplifier This composed of three four-quadrant amplifiers, resistive dump load, and control unit. This unit connects directly to the RTDS system and provides a high-fidelity three-phase 400V output to which experimental systems may be connected. The combination of the RTDS and the amplifier effectively allows experimental systems to become part of a realistic AC network (scaled in power rating).
Multi-terminal High Voltage DC Telescal, Spain and from dSpace This is a Voltage Source Converter based multi-terminal DC system which has three termails to mimic wind farms and grid connections. Two permanent magnetic synchronous generators are provided to generate controllable amount of electricity. Each converter is rated at 5.5 kW, 400 V.
Power Supply/Load Unit EA-PS1 8080-120 This consists of 2 power supply modules and 2 electronic load modules. Power supply modules are programmable dc power supplies with output voltage upto 80V and output current of upto 120A. They support upto 3000W power output. The unit supports GPIB, SCPI protocol communication through RS232 or Ethernet with addition of interface cards.
Real time digital simulator RTDS Technologies, Canada The RTDS simulator is a modular, fully digital power system simulator that consists of a 1 Gigabit transceiver workstation interface card, 4 –Giga processor cards and optically isolated analogues and digital input and output devices.

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