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Element IM

Facility for geochemical analysis of geological and other environmental samples.


Name Make/Model Details
Inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer and 21nm UV laser ablation system Thermo X2 ICPMS and New Wave Research UP213 UV laser ablation system Mass spectrometer with laser ablation system for geochemical analysis of 72 elements at ppb levels in solid samples.
Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometer JY Horiba Ultima2 ICP-OES Emission spectrometer for analysis of up to 78 elements at ppm and ppb levels in rocks, soils, waters and other samples.
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer Thermo X2 ICP-MS Mass spectrometer capable of analysing 78 elements at part per billion concentrations. Used for geochemical analysis of rocks, soils, waters and other liquid samples.

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