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Cardiff University Structural Performance Laboratory and Tribology Test Equipment

This facility aids the design, manufacture, test and analysis of engineering materials.


Name Make/Model Details
3D Laser Scanning Vibrometer Polytech Measurement of vibrations and stress/strain in a 3D field using lasers
Acoustic emission monitoring equipment Physical Acoustics Applications in damage detection
Autoclave AEROFORM Composite manufacturing (250 deg C, 10 bar)
Contact Profilometer Taylor/Hobson Form Talysurf Contact profilometer with standard and minature diamond stylus and 2D and 3D measurement options. Measurement of surface form and roughness with 1 mm dynamic range.
Digital Image Correlation System Limess Measurement of displacements in a 3D field using digital cameras.
Injection moulder Arburg Injection Moulding Facility 50 tonne clamping force.
Load test machines Various - MTS, DARTEC, AVERY, DENNISON, LOSENHOWSEN Range of load machines that can perform static (5N-200kN) and dynamic (5N-500kN) structural testing
Twin Disk Tribology Testing Machines Built in house Total of three machines operating at peak contact pressures of up to 2 GPa. Variable speed with extensive range of set slide/roll ratios. Standard test disks crowned to produce elliptical point contact.
Ultrasonic C-scanner MIDAS Measurement of damage in composites using ultrasonic waves.

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