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Boat IF

This boat is a 36ft research vessel named "Guiding Light", equipped with hydrographic survey equipment.

The facility enables hydrographic surveys to be undertaken up to 60 nautical miles offshore.


Name Make/Model Details
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Sontec ADCP 1000KHz ADCP capable of measuring current flow and direction up to depths of 50m.
Research Vessel South Boats 36ft Research Vessel Catamaran Category 2 workboat, LOA-11m, beam-5m, draft 1.2m, includes hydraulic A-Frame. Cruising speed 12knots.
Seabed Multi-Corer Seabed Multi-Corer Used for obtaining undisturbed sediment cores with a penetration depth of approximately 1m.
Shallow water side scan sonar system Cmax CM2 towfish with Coda Octopus 760D 350KHz side scan system capable of working in water depths up to 100m.
Shallow water sub-bottom profiler system Applied acoustics boomer system 10-15KHz towed catamaran system with CSP power source.
Single beam survey precision echo sounder Odom hydrotrac echo sounder 200KHz single beam sonar, measures depth up to 150m.
Sub-bottom profiler Geoacoustics Geochirp system geochirp towfish including 100m armoured tow cable and Geoprinter.
Swath bathymetric survey system SEA SWATHplus 234KHz Swath bathymetric survey system capable of mapping the seabed up to depths of 100m.

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