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Bi Plane X-Ray system

The system consists of two X-Ray systems with 40 cm Image Intensifiers connected to high speed scientific cameras. It also has the option of using X-Ray flat panels (a digital detector). It is a programmable ceiling suspended system that can be synchronised with Qualisys motion capture, Bertec Floor plates and other lab equipment.

Make/model Cardiff University has a custom designed and built Fluoroscopy Laboratory, with capabilities unique in the UK.
Details Highspeed dynamic biplane X-Ray system capable of up to 125 FPS pulsed and 1000FPS for continuous X-Rays. Can be integrated with motion capture analysis.
Facility Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Facility (MSKBRF)
School School of Engineering

  • The X-Ray system uses two epsilon generators (EMG technologies) and two 40cm Thales Image intensifiers.
  • These are optically coupled to two Fastcam Mini WX100 (Photron) that are capable of doing 4 MP images up to 1000FPS.
  • The X-Ray manipulator has 16 different axes that can be adjusted that allows the X-Ray machine to be positioned into many different set ups.
  • The manipulator is programmable allowing the user to recall a previous set up and repeatably recreate it. 
  • The primary use of this facility is to calculate in-vivo kinematics of different synovial joints to understand changes in pathology, surgical intervention or fundamental biomechanical movement primarily for human based research.

Contact the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Facility (MSKBRF) on or telephone +44 (0) 2920 876 436.

Costs: £355.04 per hour including operator.

  • The system has dedicated technical support for its use and set up.
  • Depending on the research question and activities investigated data collection can take between 1 and 3 hours. 
  • Prior discussions with relevant technical staff and director need to occur before studies can have the go ahead as the process to setup a study is lengthy and will vary depending on the study.

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