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The gut microbiome in health and disease: a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle (online)

The gut microbiome has the potential to change future clinical practice in terms of disease prediction, disease prevention and disease management and plays a vital role in many aspects of health.

This course will provide up to date evidence-based information about the role of the microbiome in many conditions seen in primary care. It will also contain a session on fecal microbiome transplant from a Welsh gastroenterologist.

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Who it’s for

The event would be aimed at Doctors, GPs/ Gastroenterologists/ Specialist Gastroenterology Nurses/ Endoscopists/ Pathologists and also Allied Health Professionals (AHP) such as Dieticians/ Nutritionists.

Cardiff University students and alumni are welcome and discounted attendance is offered.

What you’ll learn

  • introduction and overview of the microbiome and its key functions (especially in immunity and inflammation)
  • understand how the substances made by gut bacteria have many important roles in health, including weight control, appetite regulation, sensitivity to insulin and reduction of inflammation
  • explore the latest evidence for the role of microbiome in obesity, colorectal cancer (CRC), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and coeliac disease (CD)
  • understand how the food people eat can impact the microbiome
  • understand the latest research and therapeutic potential of fecal microbiome transplants

Topics covered

  • evidence-based information on the role of the microbiome in many issues commonly seen and managed within primary care (eg: obesity, IBS, colorectal cancer)
  • microbiome diversity in IBS, CD, gluten sensitivity
  • potential role for modulation of microbiome in supporting medical treatments of these conditions
  • research on fecal microbiome transplant and consideration of its therapeutic potential
  • importance of healthy lifestyles and role for lifestyle counselling and nutrition care
  • fruits and vegetables, fibre and fermented foods to promote microbiome diversity and practical tips that can be given to patients for eating to support microbiome health


We hope to offer this as accredited CPD with some Royal Colleges and Allied Health Professions and with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Delegates will gain an opportunity for networking and potential to form collaborations with other Cardiff University staff and staff from other higher education institutions

Teaching and useful information

This online study day will be held on Zoom, so delegates will need Zoom and a computer or tablet to access content. Links to recordings and slides will be provided too.

We offer a wide range of medical short training courses, including Introduction to Dermoscopy and Palliative Care.