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Our projects integrate academic research with creative practice and  focus on architecture, visual arts and material culture.

Research projects

Current projects

The Nagara Tradition of Temple Architecture: Continuity, Transformation, Renewal

An examination of the transformations and renewals of an architectural tradition across a millennium and a half in India to see how past and present can be studied both for their own sakes and for their mutual illumination.

Past projects

The historic city of Ajmer-Pushkar: mapping layers of history, use and meaning for sustainable planning and conservation

A study in the walled city of Ajmer, and nearby Pushkar, to develop inclusive, informed and sustainable planning decisions for public spaces in historic Indian cities.

Northern Indian Temple Forms: Reconstructing lost origins

The project aims to understand the forms and compositional principles of Gupta and Vakataka temples and their legacies, and the patterns and processes underlying their transformations.

Temples of Ashapuri

Feasibility studies for the recovery, conservation and presentation of about twenty-six ruined medieval temples at Ashapuri.

Temples of Kashmir and the Western Himalayas

This project surveys the formal variations that can be deduced from surviving remains in Kashmir, and trace their continuation and transformations in the western Himalayan representations, while exploring the interaction that took place between the Kasmiri and Nagara traditions.

The Indian Temple: Production, Place, Patronage

A collaboration to consider how temples were patronised and constructed and the place they occupied in a medieval Indian polity.

Culturally Sensitive Healthcare Environments

A study of healthcare arts in relation to diversity and the provision of multifaith prayer rooms.

Classical Dance and Temple Architecture

An exploration of the relationship between dance and Hindu architecture.

Shekhari Temples

Research into the whole tradition of Shekhari temple building with analysis of both the compositional patterns of individual temples and the way in which these evolve.

Vernacular Architecture of Orissa

This project was set up to document the settlement pattern, architectural forms, construction methods and building processes of a number of distinct types of village in Orissa.

Design projects

Current projects

Shree Kalyana Venkateshwara Temple near Bangalore

The Shree Kalyana Venkateshwara Hoysala Art Foundation commissioned PRASADA to design a new temple in the complex 12th-century style of the Hoysala dynasty.

Past projects

Multimedia animation for 'India: the Art of the Temple' exhibition

A multimedia display is being created for ‘India: the Art of the Temple’, an exhibition of Indian from the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Earlier design projects

A summary of some of our early UK based design and consultancy projects.