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 Kelly Gee

Kelly Gee

Regulatory Affairs Manager


I am currently the Regulatory Affairs Manager at the centre for Trials Research. This role involves delivering for the Centre high quality Regulatory Affairs (RA) work including  Pharmacovigilance & Safety (PV & S).Providing advice, guidance, training and support, and developing and leading on projects within this area. Prior to this I was working as a Specialist in Pharmacovigilance and Safety within the Centre for Trials Research. This role involved being responsible for providing advice, guidance and support and leading on projects within the area of pharmacovigilance and safety reporting. This is to ensure the Centre meets regulatory expectations and ensures best practice as well as safeguarding patient safety in the clinical trials and studies that we run.

I have over 9 years experience in clinical trials and have worked in an R&D Department of a mid sized NHS Trust as well as a variety of other research roles. Prior to being a Specialist in Pharmocovigilance I was employed as the Operations Assistant at Wales Cancer Trials Unit (2011-2014)