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 Ceri Morris

Ceri Morris

Lecturer in Education Development


Role responsibilities

Dr Ceri Morris is the Lead for the Cardiff University Fellowship Programme. She is responsible for the design, delivery and assessment and support of the Fellowship, and guest lectures on the Associate Fellowship and Senior Fellowship workshops. She is also involved in the Cardiff University Inclusion Project for learning and teaching.

Key work/specialisms

Her research and teaching interests are post-compulsory education and education development, inclusive pedagogy, assessment and feedback, and disability.


Ceri has a background working with disabled people and is a qualified Rehabilitation Officer for Blind and Partially-sighted people. She worked in special educational needs in compulsory phase, and taught in mainstream and specialist further education, before returning to university to complete a PGCE (post-compulsory), a Masters in Social Science Research Methods and a PhD in Inclusive Education.

Previously a Lecturer in Education and PGCE PCET in Cardiff University in the School of Social Sciences, she led the Fellowship Programme, NTF and CATE awards, and inclusion and personal tutoring workstreams in Cardiff Met before returning to the Cardiff Learning and Teaching Academy.

  • 2015 PHD Thesis: Seeing Sense: The Effectiveness of Inclusive Education for Visually Impaired Students in Further Education
  • 06/2015 WISERD Annual Conference, Cardiff. Evaluating Inclusion in Further Education in Wales: The Example of Visual Impairment. Presentation.
  • 08/2015 European Sociological Association Annual Conference, ESA, Prague. 'The Chef, The Sportsman and The Actor': The Role of Identity Formation in the Further Education of Disabled Students. Presentation
  • 2017 Making Sense of Education: sensory ethnography and visual impairment. Ethnography and Education 12 (1) , pp. 1-16
  • 2019 Atkinson et al. Sage Research Methods: Researching with Specific Populations: Visual Impairment
  • Ceri Morris, Emmajane Milton & Ross Goldstone (2019) Case study: suggesting choice: inclusive assessment processes, Higher Education Pedagogies, 4:1, 435-447, DOI: 10.1080/23752696.2019.1669479


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