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 Flint Dibble

Flint Dibble

Marie-Sklowdowska Curie Research Fellow

John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU


Hello! I am an archaeologist whose research focuses on foodways in ancient Greece. My research touches on topics of urbanism, climate change, religious ritual, and everyday life. My current project, ZOOCRETE: The Zooarchaeology of Historical Crete: A Multiscalar Approach to Animals in Ancient Greece, combines archaeological, textual, and biomolecular evidence for the human management and consumption of animals. From animals herded in the landscape to large-scale sacrificial feasts, animals were a central component to the development and resilience of citizen-states during the first millennium BCE.


 Academic Appointments

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow, Cardiff University, School of History, Archaeology, and Religion. 2021-present.

Lecturer, Dartmouth College, Department of Classics. 2020-2021.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, American School for Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science. 2017-2020


University of Cincinnati (UC), Department of Classics. Ph.D., Classical Archaeology. Dissertation: “Politika Zoa: Animals and Social Change in Ancient Greece.” Supervisor: Kathleen Lynch. Committee: Jack Davis, Paul Halstead, Antonis Kotsonas, and Alan Sullivan. 2017.

ASCSA. Senior Associate Member: 2017-2020; Student Associate Member: 2012-2014; Regular Member: 2011-2012.

University of Sheffield, Department of Archaeology. Visiting Postgraduate in Environmental Archaeology. Thesis: “Diachronic Changes in Animal Use at Iron Age through Early Roman Knossos: Lifestyle and Economic Choices in a Changing Environment.” Supervisor: Paul Halstead. 2011.

UC, Department of Classics. M.A., Classical Archaeology. Thesis: “The Archaeology of Food in Athens: The Development of an Athenian Urban Lifestyle.” Supervisors: Kathleen Lynch and Eleni Hatzaki. 2010.

University of Pennsylvania (Penn), College of General Studies. Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classical Studies. 2005-2006.

Penn, Department of Classics. B.A., Classical Civilization. Honors Thesis: “Magic, Drugs, and Magic Drugs: A Survey of Wormwood in the Greek Magical Papyri.” Supervisor: Peter Struck. 2004.

Fellowships and Awards

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship, European Commission (Grant Agreement Number: 101026314). “ZOOCRETE: The Zooarchaeology of Historical Crete: A Multiscalar Approach to Animals in Ancient Greece.” 2021-2023. (€224,933.76)

Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, ASCSA. “Eating Animals in Context: Zooarchaeology at Azoria.” 2017-2020 ($105,000).

Louise Taft Semple Fellowship, UC Classics. 2007-2011; 2014-2017 ($15,500-$22,500 per annum plus tuition and conference and summer research travel expenses).

Olivia James Traveling Fellowship, Archaeological Institute of America (AIA). “From Village Lifestyle to Urban Lifestyle: Variability in Human-Animal Interaction in Ancient Greece.” 2013-2014 ($25,000).

Cedric Boulter Memorial Research Fellowship, UC Classics. “When Life Gives You Lemons… The Differential Preservation of Zooarchaeological Remains at Nichoria.” 2014 ($500).

Doreen Canaday Spitzer Fellowship, ASCSA. “From Palaces to Poleis: The Changing Role of Animals in the Economy and Lifestyle of Ancient Greece.” 2012-2013 ($11,500 plus room and board).

Heinrich Schliemann Fellowship, ASCSA. For participation in the Regular Member Program. 2011-2012 ($11,500 plus room and board).

Graduate Student Research Fellowship, University Research Council of UC. “Changing Faunal Assemblages in Historic Knossos.” 2011 ($3,000).

Marion and Dorothy Rawson Research Fellowship, UC Classics. 2009 ($1,000) for study of ceramics at Pompeii; 2011 ($500) for study of sediments from Nichoria.

Niarchos Fieldwork Fellowship, Penn. 2007 ($5,000).