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Dr Mathilde Christensen

Dr Mathilde Christensen

Lecturer in Human Geography / Planning

School of Geography and Planning

I am a human geographer with academic interests centered on themes of mobility and how mobility intersects with sustainability, everyday lives and technologies.I explore questions pertaining to how complex infrastructures of mobility, mobile communication and networked connections are interacting with- and reshaping contemporary urban environments.My analytical starting point is grounded in everyday practices, as I address questions of urban dynamics and socio-economic processes.

My most recent work explores how Airbnb host performances are restructuring existing perceptions of economic, cultural and private categories and how such performances are challenging existing urban landscapes and local legislations and are creating new modes of mobility.

I am curently working to expand my research portfolio in the direction on how ethics and sustainability is negotiated in relation to mobility choices. Specifically I find the notion of ’Flyskam’ ( flying shame) intriguing, as representing a new mode of negotiation on the environmental impacts of travel habits and seeking out alternatives to flying.

I have additionally conducted research into areas of urban planning, urban life and mobility.



Collaborative Economies




Ph.D. from the program of Society, Space and Technology, Roskilde University and

Ph.D. Program of Communication, Culture & Media, Drexel University


Cand Soc.(MA)  in Geography and Communication, Roskilde University


BSc (BA) in Communication and Geography, Roskilde University


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