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 Amy Morreau

Amy Morreau

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

School of Physics and Astronomy

3.30, Queen's Buildings - North Building, 5 The Parade, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA


I am a member of the controlled long-range coherent coupling of solid-state qubits (CCQB) group, with principal investigators Professor Wolfgang Langbein and Dr Egor Muljarov. Whilst focusing on the theoretical aspects of this topic, I work in close collaboration with experimental colleagues.

Recent work has focused on the development of a novel method by which to predict the dynamics of a quantum dot-microcavity system, taking into account the influence of the phonon environment.


I completed an integrated Master's degree in physics at the University of Oxford (Worcester College). Graduating with First Class Honours in 2011, I did not immediately pursue an academic career; instead opting to train as a patent attorney. Central to my role was the application of scientific knowledge and research skills within the legal framework of patent drafting and prosecution. Specialising in the fields of physics and electronics, my clients ranged from private individuals to large multinational corporations. 

I returned to pursue a more academic pathway in 2014, completing a PhD at Cardiff University under the supervision of Dr. Egor Muljarov and Professor Wolfgang Langbein. Broadly situated in the fields of condensed matter and photonics, my work focused on the phonon-induced dephasing of quantum dot excitons and quantum dot-cavity polaritons. 

As a post-doctoral research assistant, I am continuing to work within this field. I also teach a third-year module in statistical mechanics.






I currently teach a third-year course on statistical mechanics.

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