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Dr Tahl Kaminer

Dr Tahl Kaminer

Reader in Architectural History and Theory

Room 3.26, Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3NB
Available for postgraduate supervision



I am currently the module leader for H&T Architecture in Context and contribute to several modules in UG and PG. I lead the History and Theory Research and Scholarship Group at WSA. Overall, my responsibilites include research; UG &PG teaching; PhD supervision. 


Reviewer for Bloomsbury and Taylor & Francis publishers; for journals such as Architecture & Culture, Architectural Theory Review, Built Environment, Charrette, CITY, Cities, Drawing On, Footprint, Journal of Urban Design.

Key past activities

Former Director of Research at WSA; Senate member, University of Edinburgh; Research Director, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture; co-director of the Edinburgh Global Justice Academy; director of Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust; production editor of Footprint; board member of 66 East, Centre for Urban Culture (Amsterdam). 


I joined the Welsh School of Architecture in summer 2018. I have previously held academic positions at the University of Edinburgh and TU Delft. I have published two monographs: The Efficacy of Architecture (2017, Routledge) and Architecture, Crisis and Resuscitation (2011, Routledge). I have also edited three anthologies: Urban Asymmetries (2011, 010), Critical Tools (La Lettre Volee, 2012) and Houses in Transformation (2008, NAi), and was a founding editor of the academic journal Footprint and its managing editor from 2007-12.

Academic positions

2018 - present: Cardiff University
2012 - 2018: University of Edinburgh
2004 - 2012:  TU Delft

Speaking engagements

'Super Gentrification and Global Cities', KTH Stockholm (2019)
'Critique is Ordinary', University of West England (2018)
'Stealth Policy-Making in Planning and the "Productive" Imbroglio of Governance', Royal Geographic Society Conference , Cardiff (2018)
'Participation', Test Unit workshop, Glasgow (2018)
'In Defence of Spatial Planning', Rebuilding Architecture symposium, Yale University (2018)
'Von Ledoux bis Mies’, [Un]Timely Aesthetics symposium, University of Innsbruck (2017)
‘The Use of Commons in Urban Struggles’, Rethinking the Commons colloquium, Edinburgh (2017)
‘The City as Critical Stage’, Claim, Occupy, Create: Politics and Aesthetics of Urban Citizenship symposium, Edinburgh (2016) 
'The Utopia of the Plan’, Utopian Urban Futures: Histories, Imaginations, Possibilities, Leeds (2016)







  • Kaminer, T. 2018. On critique. Presented at: Ibstock Lecture, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 27 September 2018.
  • Kaminer, T. 2018. Radical democracy and spatial practices. In: Farhan, K. ed. The Routledge Companion to Architecture and Social Engagement. New York, London: Routledge, pp. 37-45.
  • Kaminer, T. 2018. In defence of spatial planning. Presented at: Rebuilding Architecture, Yale, New Haven, CT, USA, 25-27 January 2018.


  • Kaminer, T. 2017. Planning and non-planning. Presented at: Monthly Monday talk, Kulttuurisauna, Helsinki, November 2017.
  • Kaminer, T. 2017. Von Ledoux. Presented at: [Un]Timely Aesthetics, Innsbruck, Austria, 1-2 June 2017.
  • Kaminer, T. 2017. The use of commons in urban struggles. Presented at: Rethinking the Commons: Examining Dilemmas, Exploring Solutions, Edinburgh, UK, 27 April 2017.



  • Kaminer, T. 2015. The crisis of the plan and the post-Fordist city. In: Lichenko, M. and Martyanova, V. eds. Postfordism: Concepts, Institutions , Practices. [Постфордизм: концепции, институты, практики]. Moscow: Rosspen, pp. 137-156.




  • Heynen, H., Genard, J. L. and Kaminer, T. eds. 2012. Critical tools. Nethca. Brussels: La Lettre Volée.




Currently module leader for H&T Architecture in Context. I have taught and led UG, PGT modules at Cardiff University, the University of Edinburgh and TU Delft. 

My main research studies the relation of architecture to society - the manner in which the discipline of architecture is determined by society, economics and politics, and the manner in which architecture has agency, shaping, to a degree, society. A second line of research focuses on urbanism and critical urban practices.


Areas of interest:
Theoretical and historical research of architecture since 1945.
Cases that illuminate the relation of architecture to society.
Cases that identify a relation of spatial to social form.
Alternative and counter-hegemonic forms of architecture and urbanism.
Critical urbanism.

For PhD funding opportunities, please see and

Past projects

Co-supervisor for Ioanna Papadopoulou - Land Dispossession in Eastern Crete (2019)
Co-supervisor for Sarah Borree - Architecture and Photography: Making Architectural Meaning 1920-60 (2019)
Co-Supervisor for Laura Bowie - Space, Place and Identity: 1968 in West Berlin (2018).
Co-Supervisor for Edwar Calderon - The Functional City in Medellín, Colombia (2016).
Co-Supervisor for Maria Mitsoula - athens’ image-opsis: The Asperity of Attica’s Marble (2016).