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Dr Jonathan M. Tyrrell

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

+44 (0)29 2074 6474
Room 6FT 181, Main Hospital Building, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XN
Available for postgraduate supervision


Honours and awards

Welsh Microbiology Association Presidents Award 2014

Professional memberships

British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC)

Academic positions

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Cardiff University

Associate Tutor, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Speaking engagements

2018 - ‘The new role of Microbiology in Supporting Early Drug Discovery’, at Department of Chemistry Research, Oxford University

2017 - ‘Global Spread of antimicrobial resistance & the antibiotic pipeline’ at HEAR (Heralding Education on Antimicrobial Resistance), Rosetto, Italy

2016 - ‘Colistin Resistance: UK and Beyond’ at Astellas Anti-Infective, London, UK

2016 - ‘Molecular Epidemiology of Resistance Plasmids’ at COMBACTE-CARE Annual  General Meeting, Seville, Spain








Cardiff University

Primarily I am involved in in the delivery of the Medic Yr1 SSC Literature Review and PRE options. I also support the delivery of PCS Tutorials.

Cardiff Metropolitan University

As an Associate Tutor, I am involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching across the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Department of Healthcare & Food. My teaching takes the form of interactive large and small group teaching, and practical classes.

My key research interests are three fold, i) the global epidemiology of antibiotic resistance, and the key risk factors (both microbial and human) which drive its continued dissemination, ii) understanding the overarching affects antibiotic resistance has on the fitness and pathogenicity of the bacterial cells, and (iii) the significance of this to real life clinical scenarios. I manage a small research team targeted in supporting novel antibiotic drug discovery at a public and private level (as described below), in which we are able to encompass these central research concerns

ENABLE (European Gram-Negative Antibacterial Engine)

I am currently involved in the ENABLE project as part of the IMI’s ‘New Drug for Bad Bugs’ (ND4BB) initiative. ND4BB comprises seven projects (of which ENABLE is the third) facilitating collaboration between industry, academia and biotechnology bodies to address scientific, economic, political and regulatory issues surrounding the fight against antibiotic resistance, and the discovery and development of novel antibacterial compounds. It is the latter in which ENABLE is involved. ENABLE is a European-wide consortium providing both expertise and resources to universities and SMEs to support the discovery and pre-clinical development of candidate antibacterial compounds. My role is as Microbiology Lead on these projects, i) extending, on a consultancy basis, microbiological expertise on clinical coverage, ii) experimental support in the form of small and large scale MIC screening, serum-compound interactions, in vitro efficacy studies, time kill assays, and rates/stability of emerging resistance phenotypes.

Industrial Collaboration Projects

In addition to ENABLE, I currently manage a number of collaborative and contractual projects involved in novel antibacterial programmes with a number of private industrial partners. We are able to utilise our large global collection of contemporary MDR/XDR/PDR bacterial strains to provide data on global clinical coverage, investigations into the development of resistance against these new antibacterial agents. We are able to contextualise emerging resistance mechanisms with our in-house assays defining the stability of said resistance, and the cellular, fitness and pathogenic impacts bequeathed to the bacterial cell. Current and past industrial partners include; Roche, VenatoRX, Tetraphase, Juvabis, Northern Antibiotics. Additionally I work closes with Liofilchem, supporting the development of novel, cost-effective, sensitive diagnostic tools for multidrug-resistant bacterial species. If you are involved in novel antibacterial agent discovery and development and are interested in what my team and I can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.