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Annette Evans


School of Medicine

+44 29206 87249
Neuadd Meirionnydd


I am a statistician in the Division of Population Medicine. My research centres on epidemiology in the early years of life. My specialties are the use large complex administrative datasets and longitudinal quantitative data analyses including Bayesian multilevel modelling, Andersen-Gill models and multiple imputation.

Current research projects - aims:

Determine the association between asthma or wheeze severity during the first six years of life and educational attainment at age 6-7 years using SAIL administrative data sets. I consider the influence of respiratory infections and investigate whether school absence explains this relationship.

Define Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) using SAIL administrative data sets and assess their individual association with educational attainment and special educational needs support during childhood.

Establish the improvement in health outcomes for Down Syndrome children during the last 20 years using SAIL administrative data sets.

Evidence the association between ACEs and educational attainment at age 16 years for children with and without social services contact using SAIL administrative data sets.

My previous research includes investigation of the aetiology of birth defects using survey methods, the impact of residential moves on health and school attainment, effects of ACEs on childhood emergency admissions and to determine the association between emergency hospital admissions and educational attainment outcomes during childhood.

I am currently studying towards a PhD titled “Impact of childhood health and social factors on educational attainment: Analysis using administrative data”.












  • Tutor – Statistical methodology module on the Masters in Primary Care and Public Health
  • Data clinic statistics support for students and staff
  • Small group teaching, Epidemiology and Statistics - Undergraduate Medicine
  • Medical statistics
  • Large datasets
  • Administrative data
  • Child health and education
  • Congenital anomalies

The Wales Electronic Cohort for Children (WECC) contains anonymised administrative records for over 890,000 children in Wales. I was involved in the set-up of this cohort and continue to use the data set in research to improve the lives of children in Wales and reduce health inequalities.


  • Dissertation supervisor - Masters in Primary Care and Public Health
  • Intercalated year project supervisor – Undergraduate Medicine

Past projects